How We’re Different


TJ Party Rentals boasts the biggest inventory of inflatables and games in all of Iowa. From bounce houses and obstacle courses, to giant slides and gladiator jousts, we have it all. This variety gives us the freedom to do the repeat events year in and year out with a fresh, new look every time!

Personalized Packages

TJ Party Rentals promises to work with you in order to build a personal package tailored to your unique needs. We examine all the variables—including target market, number of attendees, available space, power requirements and, of course, budget—in order to assemble your dream set-up. With over 100 items at our disposal, it’s easy to recommend the best possible grouping. The best part? There’s never any pressure to sign up for anything more than exactly what you need.

No Fuss, No Muss

TJ Party Rentals will deliver, set up and anchor every piece of equipment you choose. We will thoroughly go through all the safety and operating policies and rules with you prior to the event, and we will leave a trained supervisor to manage affairs during the event (we can also supply operating labor for an additional cost). We also perform tear down and clean up duties at the conclusion of the event.

Locally Owned Equipment

Why is this important?

  • The state of Iowa requires all companies with inflatable rides to pass a thorough inspection in order to receive an operating permit. Out-of-state inflatables may not have undergone this examination and they are therefore a safety risk and a potential liability nightmare. All of our items come equipped with a state sticker, signifying that they have been tested and approved by the state of Iowa.
  • All of our equipment is fully insured. Companies like ours must have commercial insurance to operate legally in the state of Iowa. It is always a good policy to ask for a company’s certificate of liability, just to make sure they are legit.
  • The further equipment has to travel, the more likely you are to experience delays and logistical snags. With two locations and a massive inventory located in the state of Iowa, you can count on TJ Party Rentals to have what you want, when you want it, no matter where in Iowa you happen to be located.

Peace Of Mind

At the conclusion of each event, our inflatables and games are inspected for safety concerns, repairs or special cleanings that need to be performed before their next use. Each item is also disinfected before going back out into service.

Support Local Business

TJ Party Rentals belongs to the Greater Des Moines area Golden Circle, which aims to keep Iowa’s money in the local economy (we also belong to the Better Business Bureau).

Track Record

Still on the fence? Check out a few of our satisfied clients.

  • Principal Charity Golf Classic
  • Lutheran Church of Hope in West Des Moines
  • Greater Des Moines Downtown Events Group
  • ISU Tailgate Tour & Cyclone Experience
  • Ankeny Post Prom
  • Mercy Hospital North Iowa (Mason City)
  • Family Fun Night @ Valley West Mall