01. How long do I get to use the equipment?

A typical event usually lasts from 2 to 4 hours. We try to be flexible on time and work with our clients. Exceptions can often be made.

02. How much room do I need?

This all depends on how many inflatables your event is going to have. This can range from a 20’ x 20’ spot in your yard to an entire football field.

03. What types of surfaces do you setup on?

TJ Party Rentals is equipped to set up on all surfaces (grass, cement, gym floors, etc.).

04. How much electrical power do I need?

We usually require 1 dedicated circuit per blower. So if you have 6 inflatables that use 8 blowers, you will need 8 separate circuits.

05. Do you deliver and setup the equipment?

It is our policy as part of our service to you we deliver and properly setup the equipment you have requested in a professional and punctual manner.

06.Can I pick up the equipment from you?

We prefer to deliver and setup, tear down and take away the equipment to ensure proper setup from a safety perspective.

07. What kind of supervision is necessary?

Each inflatable REQUIRES supervision. Each inflatable has its own supervision requirements. For instance, a bounce house requires one attendant while an obstacle course requires two attendants, one at the front and one at the end of the inflatable.

08. Is the equipment safe?

Inflatables are very safe when setup by a trained professional. TJ Party Rentals takes great pride in supplying safe and fun events. We have the experience and equipment to do so.

09. What if it rains?

Sometimes Mother Nature has different plans for your event. In case of inclement weather, such as precipitation or high wind, the inflatables cannot be used until the weather passes or until a rain date can be set. The safety call will be left to the TJ Party Rentals supervisor before the setup of the event starts or during the event if conditions do not allow continuance. Once the inflatables have been setup and the event has to be called, there can be no credit issued.

10. What are the prices?

Prices are quoted to you once you have decided on what inflatables you would like to have at your event. The courteous staff at TJ Party Rentals will walk you through this process and provide you with all the information you may need to make your decisions.

11. How do I pay?

Check, credit card, and cash are all preferred methods of payment.

12. Is a deposit required?

It is common and customary to require a deposit, especially during peak seasons but exceptions can be made with full payment due on the day of your event.

13. Are reservations necessary?

Absolutely. We have a large inventory but the schedule fills up very fast. To ensure you get the inflatables you want for your event, a reservation is necessary. It’s always on a first come, first serve basis.

14. How do I reserve the items I want?

You have taken the first step in doing so. Browse through our online inventory, decide what items you would like to have at your event, and visit the contact us page. We would love to hear from you!

15. What if I need to cancel?

The earlier you know the better. Contact the office as soon as possible. If the TJ Party Rental crew is already on its way when you decide to cancel, you could accrue expenses.

16. What if I want to change my order?

We always are happy to work with you but last minute changes may not be possible. If there is a specific inflatable you’d like to change, and it’s available, we will try to accommodate you.

17. Is there sales tax on my rental?

According to Iowa law, we are required to charge sales tax unless it is for resale if you can provide an Iowa Sales Tax Exemption Certificate to have on file at our office.

18. What area does TJPR serve?

TJ Party Rentals serves all of Iowa. We have two warehouse locations; Des Moines and Belmond.

19. Are you insured?

We are fully insured and are happy to provide our Certificate of Liability Insurance documentation.

20. What laws and rules apply to inflatables in Iowa?

Iowa’s Department of Labor: Amusement Rides Division operates and enforces Iowa Code Chapter 88A.

21. Does TJPR follow these rules?

TJ Party Rentals is committed to safely operate under the regulations of the Iowa Code and within the safety guidelines set forth by the inflatable manufacturer’s association. We go above and beyond to provide you with quality fun entertainment you have come to expect from us.

22. How far in advance do I need to reserve my inflatables?

AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!! The sooner you reserve, the better the chances you have at getting the items you want. Our inventory is large but our schedule fills up fast!

23. How much weight can an inflatable hold?

Each inflatable is designed differently. The trained TJ Party Rentals supervisor will let you know the maximum number of participants and the weight restriction for each inflatable.

24. Is there any preparation on my part for the event?

There are certain things you may have to do to prepare for your event. If the event is outdoors and on grass you will want to do a “One Call”. 811 on your cell phone or toll free 1-800-292-8989. This needs to be done several days in advance of your event.

25. What kind of events does TJPR do?

TJ Party Rentals can do any size event! From a backyard birthday party – to a large corporate picnic – to the blow-out bash of the century! We have the inventory, selection, and manpower to do it!

26. Which credit cards do you accept?

All major credit cards are accepted.

27. Do you charge for delivery?

Delivery, setup, and teardown are included locally and are covered in all our quotes. There would be a charge for events that are away from our two local coverage areas. It would be based on time and mileage.

28. Can inflatables be setup inside?

We have all sorts of different sizes of inflatables. If you are having your event indoors, check with the building engineer on the ceiling height and available electrical circuits. Also check for laser grid fire alarms. If your inflatables fit under your ceiling we will be more than happy to set them up inside.

29. Are all inflatable rental companies insured?

TJ Party Rentals is fully insured and will provide you with all up to date certificates proving so. Unfortunately, not all inflatable rental companies play by the rules. Be sure to ask for proof of liability coverage. Documentation should be provided upon request. Also make sure to scan the document thoroughly for effective dates and expiration dates.

30. Are your supervisors trained in safety?

TJ Party Rentals supervisors are trained in safety. They know what to look for as far as unsafe behaviors, and unsafe weather conditions and how to handle them properly. TJ Party Rentals also follows all manufacturers’ safety suggestions for setup and operation of our inflatables to ensure your peace of mind.

31. Are your inflatables clean?

TJ Party Rentals inflatables undergo rigorous inspections prior to your event and after your event. Any spot cleaning that needs to be done can and will be done by our crew. Once the unit makes it back to our warehouse it undergoes the maintenance, cleaning, and disinfecting needed to keep it a fully functional part of our inventory.

32. Do inflatables get hot in the summer time?

Inflatables have the potential to get extremely hot in the summer time. If the temps become unbearable, some inflatables may need to be temporarily shut down to avoid skin burns. We try to position our inflatables in such a way to minimize, as best we can, the inflatable surfaces from becoming too hot.

33. Can TJPR provide attendants to supervise the inflatables?

TJ Party Rentals can provide trained attendants to supervise your event’s inflatables. If you require us to supply the labor, you will need to ask for this when you are booking your event. We would be happy to quote this service for you.

34. Is there a cleaning fee?

Very rarely does this happen. However, in the event of excessive cleaning due to improper use, you could incur a cleaning fee of $50. In the event of damage to an inflatable due to renter negligence you could incur a repair fee of $50 per hour, plus material costs.

35. Can we use silly string on an inflatable?

Silly string is not allowed on or near the inflatables. Silly string contains chemicals that are caustic to the vinyl that the inflatables are made out of.

36. Do you setup in parks?

TJ Party Rentals will setup in parks if it is allowed by the governing agency. Some parks require you to have a permit to do so. Check with the local Parks and Recreation office on the regulations before your event.

37. Do you do birthday parties?

TJ Party Rentals loves to do birthday parties! We have a huge variety of fun stuff to make your party a HIT!

38. Are you available to meet with us?

Customer satisfaction is our main goal and organizing an event can be a hectic process. If you would like to have a meeting with a supervisor, we would love to arrange that for you.

39. Do you offer food services?

TJ Party Rentals is not a food service company but we are able to subcontract out for food services if your event requires it.

40. How long will it take to setup?

Every setup is different. It all depends on the number and size of your inflatable units. TJ Party Rentals crews will arrive with sufficient time to provide for a safe and punctual setup for your event.

41. What do we need to provide to you?

Once the event contract is issued and signed, your event is booked. From there all we need is a contact phone number, an exact address for the event location, the proper amount of power for the equipment, attendants if you are supplying your own labor (which will be trained by the TJPR crew on site), and payment.

42. What kind of weather could cancel my event?

  • Precipitation. When vinyl gets wet it becomes extremely slippery and can become dangerous. Light precipitation can be waited out to see if the weather will move out. You know what they say about weather in Iowa… if you don’t like it, wait five minutes. It’ll change.
  • Lightning and high winds are dangerous. Both are impossible to operate in. We’ve all seen the video of inflatables flying through the air. An inflatable company that does not anchor their inflatables properly or allows them to be operated in high wind conditions, put their customer’s lives at risk. Each inflatable has its own wind rating and TJPR operates within that rating.
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